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Is my motherboard a gonna?



Hi all i'd realy like some help with trying to identify wether my motherboard is gone or not.

I tried to installed a tv card today but when i turned my pc on, the pc started but there's nothing displayed on the screen. So i removed the tv card and restarted my pc but still nothing on the screen.Next i removed the graphics card and tryed it in my mates pc (he has the identical model to mine) but first it didn't work and then it did.So i don't think it's the graphics card.
Anyway i removed everything except the hard drive,graphics card and 128 of ram but my pc still won't display anything on the screen, the monitor self test is displayed continuosly as if it's not receiving nothing from my pc. I'm assuming my motherboard is bust since i can't think of anyother reason why nothing is being sent to my monitor and there's no bios fault beeps or anything on startup.
Is there a definate way of finding out if your motherboard is gone or not before i go and spend £££ on another please?

AMD 1Ghz
512 ram
Nvidea tnt graphics card
60gb hard drive
Micro-star 6330 v2.1 motherboard
American Megatrends bios 0AAVWP02 08/21/2000
creative sound blaster card

Any ideas please?????
First off did you change the boards out with power off? If not this was a big mistake, hot swap outs can fry cards.

You might have knocked something off when you were swapping the cards so re-seat all the cables and cards, power cables, fan headers, etc.

The MB may not be properly supported and the video card is not seated all the way into the socket when you re-install it.

Are the fans running. If not one of the MB mounting screws could be shorting a power lead to the case.

Best way to verify the last 2 is to remove the MB mounting screws, lift the MB up and slide card board under it so it is insulated from the case.


hardware monkey
since you had a little trouble getting the video card to work in another pc, i'd try it again. it could be a finicky video card. but if it works fine, try it in your board just one more time. if nothing, new board time.


Leejend, i think you misread my post, i never changed the motherboard i just tryied to add a video capture/tv card.
Yes i did it with the power off because i've carried out a few upgrades to my pc so i'm very careful.

The problem is i have a Gateway machine which is 3 years old but they don't sell pc's in Europe anymore just the US.
I've read a few reviews of the microstar 6330 motherboard and quite a few people have said about the problem of the board just dying on you for no good reason.This happened about 6 months after i bought the pc and Gateway replaced it. So i'm not sure if it's a coincidence that my board has died just as i tried to add another pci card.
Anyways there's loads of them for sale on the US ebay but the US has different mains voltage to the UK so i don't think the Mboard would work in my pc.
There are microstar boards for sale over here but i know i need to find one that's compatible with the hardware i already have.
I'm gonna borrow my mates pc and do a couple more tests so i know for sure it's a new board i need.


hardware monkey
i think a board would be compatible in the US or anywhere else. as far as i know, as long as they're atx standard. after all, it's the power supply that accepts one of two voltages and converts it to the standard voltages all pc's use (12v, 5v, 3.3v).

also, don't feel obligated to get the exact same board. you should be able to get one from another manufacturer and maybe even with a different (newer/faster) chipset. as long as it's micro-atx if your current board is.

[edit] you have the MSI K7T Turbo (MS-6330-190, MS-6330-210, or MS-6330-250) based on the VIA KT133A chipset. not a bad chipset and the last one from Via using sdram. so in order to get a board and keep your exisitng memory, you should get another kt133a board. and yours should be standard atx (not micro-atx) so you should have plenty of boards to choose from. Abit's KT7A and Asus' A7V133-C were great kt133a boards in that era. there are raid versions of both of those boards if you need it.


OSNN Addict
have you tried:

1. Clear the bios?
2. Different video card?

Do you have the d-led (four led lights) on the motherboard? this should be able to tell you whats not working.... Might need to find a manual tho


Thanks for all your help guys, it was as i suspected a dead MB, well i suppose at 3 years old it was getting on abit in pc years!!
Yet my mates pc is still going strong! but he don't use his as much as me. To be fair mine has taken a right beating being on almost 24/7 for 3 years.

Anyways i got a ASrock K7VT2 which was £25/$35 it was the cheapest one i could find that was compatible with all the upgrades that i've done to my pc, the only thing i lost was a stick of 128 sdrram.
So i'm quite happy now and i only need this board to last 12 months untill i treat myself to a new system.

Anyways thanks again.

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