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Is my graphic card dying?

I will be playing a game and all of the sudden my monitor will turn off. The green light in front will turn yellow. I can still hear the sound but no matter what I do my monitor wont turn back on until I press the restart button. It does this even when I'm not playing a game. I have a radeon x1950 pro with 2 dvi (thats what its called right?) outlets. It started with this problem so I switched the monitor cable to the 2nd dvi outlet and it does the same thing. Is my graphic card dying? or could it be anything else? It also seems that it started doing this when I installed my monitor drivers from compaq. I know you don't need them installed but I installed them anyways. could the drivers for the monitor cause this problem as well? *shrugs* ty for the help.
A number of things can cause this; I'll tell you my story.

I have a Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 USB keyboard which I love, had them for years and there are multiple ones in my household computers. After pulling my hair out disabling devices, changing voltages, and unplugging stuff, I realized it was mostly happening when moving my keyboard. Got a temp PS2 one in now, no black screen.

Not saying this is the problem you have, but heres an idea anyway.

One other thing: I had a problem with my second monitor always going black. Turned out that it was sometimes adjusting its brightness to 0 for no reason.
Thank you for the suggestions. I will disconnect everything and reconnect it to see if it helps. My monitor is old. compaq FS7600. One of them fat ones heh. It has a regular cable. I am connecting it on my graphic card with one of them dvi converters. So it could be that too.

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could be a refresh issue, i had screens in the past that would go black if i messed about with settings higher than the card could do
I thought it was a refresh rate thing too but my refresh rate in ati tools is set to "same as desktop" and my desktop is set to 60. I tightened all my wires and the problem still happens and it is becoming more rampant.

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remove the card and make sure the slot its in is clean and reseat the card, could be iffy drivers, grab latest catalyst ones and see if that helps


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is it still working, i would have guessed it was the monitor, is it a crt? kinda sounds like a power issue to me, and nothing really to do with the v/card.

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