IS Merry Christmas OK - or do I have to say Happy Holidays?


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29 Sep 2003
Jesus was said to have been born in June, and the 25th of december was chosen because at the time it fell in line with the rest of the celebrations that were going on. Most of them, if any are no longer celebrated.

Depending on what you believe will determine how you play it. Either way, you will find that more people celebrate the day as the birth of jesus than anything else.

I also feel that if you don't believe it was the birth of Jesus, then don't celebrate it. Just do your normal everyday thing and forget all the trees, lights, gifts and commercialism that comes with it. How hard is that?

Also, look up santa clause. You will see that he was actually a preist who gave gifts to the needy around christmas, which he believed was the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ..

I find it stupid that people always come out this time of year and are so hard fast against the people who believe what Christmas, notice it is "Christ"mas, is, but yet still do all the celebrating and gifting and the like. I would say they are hypocrites, but I don't want to offend anyone. We have to be PC now you know .. :rolleyes:
No disrespect or hate here. Just pointing out it's sometimes good to look into things. Just because "it's the way it's always been" doesn't mean it's how things have to be, or even are.


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29 Jul 2002
I only celebrate Festivus

Happy Festivus for the rest of us

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