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28 Jan 2002
Hey I'm going to get a new computer very soon with an AMD64 s939 processor... So im wondering if it's worth waiting til the release of nforce 4 and the high end GeForce PCX cards... I read somewhere that AGP or PCX doesn't really matter in speed and performance. THX for any tips :)

This is what im planning to build (the important parts):

Mobo: MSI K8N Neo2 Plantium 54G nForce 3 Ultra
PSU: Aspire 520W
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3500+
HDD: Maxtor 250GB 7200rpm 16mb cache S-ATA
Ram: 2x Corsair XMS 512mb ddr400 cas 2
Video: GeForce 6800GT
Yeah, it's better if you wait for the NF4 as it's faster and more reliable that the NF3, according to a number of reviews. I'm wanting to get mine by xmas, but seems like the motherboard won't be available til the new year. :(
there is no real tangible performance difference between nf3 and nf4 or any other board coming out with pci-E support...

generally with newer tech you do get better efficiency and tweaks but thats going to be true for agp based new boards as well..

wrt pci-E... there is a massive difference in performance when looking @ the tech itself... the current products do not take advantage of the remarkable bandwidth pci-E affords but this will change as more people start using pci-E products...
from what I understand of most n4 boards out there is that they will/may have sata2 connectors with double the speed of original sata (something like 3.0Gb/s compared to 1.5 Gb/s) but then again you need hard drives that will run that fast. As with any leap of tech all parts need to be able to use it or there is no reason behind it besides future proofing. And there really isn't any performance gain over the n3 boards in itself it's more the sum of all parts when used to its fullest will probably end up with better performance
hey - good choices! Your proposals are very very close to my build....

I can tell you you will enjoy it and also I can tell you will find most BIOS etc issues are sorted and you can get all the components NOW

If you wait you will definitely not be building this year, may even have a month or more wait next year.... and you'll pay a premium.... and the BIOS etc may be buggy and the SATA drives you are after will cost you big time....

So if you are rich AND patient then sure, wait....

But you know what I did - and if I were you I wouldn't wait either :cool:
But then the question remains ... is it worth it? My answer would be ... unless you are on an antique right now ... YES.
Ok thx everybody :). I just noticed i have to wait until at least new years before i have money for it.

If the nforce 4 boards and pcx cards will be too expensive i think i'll stick with nforce 3 ultra. Any idea of what the price ranges will be for the nforce 4 boards, the pcx cards and the s-ata II drives?
NF4 boards cost around £130 for the Ultra version, and £150 for the SLi version
Ok thx ming :)

Anyone have any idea on the pcx cards or the s-ata II drives?
Ignition said:
Anyone have any idea on the pcx cards or the s-ata II drives?
PCI-e cards (I wouldn't call them pcx as there is a PCI-X standard which has nothing to do with PCI Express at all) are pretty much the same price as AGP cards afaik. SATAII drives aren't out yet, but they probably won't be much more expensive, except maybe the first few weeks.
nVidia PCI-e cards start from around £70 if im not mistaken, but obviously you'd want something that performs well. I've been eyeing the Leadtek PX6600 (GF6600 series) 256mb which is £111 online.
As for SATA2 drives, I've seen nothing so far. However, the Gigabyte K8NXP-9 and SLi mobos support 4 SATA and 4 SATA2 drives though.
yeah - your BIGGEST extra outlay will be on the mobo with it's lovely new chipset (plus the buggy drivers etc etc).... the rest will be bangs for bucks, but it will still all shave extra and add up to a much more expensive rig overall if you are on a tight budget.

This was why I did nto wait and will look forward to a "budget" Nforce4 mobo etc - one day (not soon)
Yesh.. I've postponed my upgrade to AMD64 for the time being coz of the delay in the release of the NF4 boards. Not sure when I will upgrade now, but I may push it back towards summer 2005.

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