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is it worth it? (pc-133 to ddr 2100)

thinking of switching memory...would it really be worth it to switch from PC-133 to DDR 2100 memory? I play games and use graphix programs...are there any charts or graphs anyone has seen around detailing the clock speeds and such? I like graphs =]


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i honestly don't think you'll notice a difference. the best thing you could do for your system is upgrade the processor. and xp 2100+ is quite cheaper than buying 768mb of ddr memory. not to mention you'll have a 133mhz front side bus (instead of 100) which will improve performance by itself.

memory bandwidth is somewhat overrated, if you ask me.


dont mean to scare you off... but just make sure you're mobo is still under warranty... because i had a mobo bust because i switched from SD to DDR.. it was an ECS SD/DDR mobo... I had a problem with a similar mobo for P4... that was compatibility...

I dont know what happened but I was running SD then I bought DDR, did everything properly and the mobo was dead... that was the ECS one... The other P4 one is a VIA P4X266A which had a problem runnin ANY DDR... In the end I got it replaced to DDR only motherboard (which I'm using now).


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If you are seriously thinking about switching from SDRAM to DDR then you should consider upgrading your motherboard while you are at it and go to PC2700 rather than PC2100.

If you want to stick with ASUS boards the A7V8X or A7V333 would be good choices, the A7V333 is the cheaper of the two, and dont bother getting PC3200 memory, it is overpriced and you will not notice any performance increase over PC2700.


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if you're getting a new board, you might as well get an nforce2 board and 2 equal sticks of pc2700. dual-ddr will give you 5.3gb/sec of bandwidth... so pc5300, basically. pair that with a 167 fsb xp like a 2700+ so the memory and fsb run syncronously... giving you the absolute best performance.
no, I'm not getting a new board, Im unemployed right now so im fighting to get the processor (amd 2100+) and MAYBE the ram too...I was justr wondering about personal experiences of people going from PC-133 to 2100 DDR ram and see if its worth it... btw, thanx to everyone that replyed. Shoulda made this a poll =]
I don't know, people say you don't feel a difference.

I have PC2700, and I have used pc133, 100 before.

I find this faster, with my CPU XP1900, but...not THAT faster that you feel the difference, but I believe in games it shows.


hardware monkey
bottsy.. if i were you, i'd take that money you're willing to spend on a processor/memory and put aside... in a computer upgrade trust fund, if you will. :p

so later down the road, you take what you saved up, and be able to do a more substantial upgrade, like the mobo/memory/cpu combo i mentioned. something that'll really make a difference. :)

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