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Is it safe to turn my system fan off?


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When I upgraded to an athlon 2800xp barton I noticed a big change in the heat the prosessor produced (41c as apposed to the 55-61c of my old 2000xp). I was wandering if it would be safe to disconnect my noisy system fan. I've already tried it for a short while and it does jump up a little but not much. It only goes up to 43c. That's not under stress though.
System fans are not needed unless you have some system components in your system that can run hot, like CPUs and vid-cards. If you have a good air-flow (not too much cluttered wires in your case) then I think it's safe. But, check the temps regurarely, especially when using the system under stress situations.
Theoretically all you need is the exhaust fan in the power supply but it doesn't seem to work that way in real life.

That much of drop doesn't make any sense unless you were running one of the original Tbred chips (not A or B mask). Even then it still sounds too good to be true.

Check your system and CPU temps. And double check them by putting a thermometer inside the case with the case closed to make sure the readings are right. If you can convince yourself it really is that cool with the fan turned off then the noisy case fan isn't needed.

You could also look for a quieter case fan. They are only 6 bucks. Look for one that runs slower or moves less CFM of air (same thing).


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one thing you have to remember about disconnecting case fans is the video card is going to get less cold air. so if you have it overclocked near it's edge, you might want to back down the core speed a little.

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