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Is it possible?

Is it possible to have a single link point to 2 seperate locations? (eg. click on 1 link and it opens 2 different windows... each on seperate pages)
Just a thought I had tonight.
Sure, with a little Javscript it's a small deal:
function openDouble(){

<A HREF="javascript: openDouble()">Two links in one!</A>
Or something similar anyway. Hope it helps! :)

<edit>"java script" is supposed to be "Javascript" (one word). The code parser is a bit strange. ;)</edit>

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I don't think it is possible in a simple <a href> , but what you can do is link to a page on the server that will open 2 addresses ,that page will also be Java or PHP or ASP , so i think its just better to do it in Zedric's way.
Originally posted by cruiser78
why isn't it possible to make a double link with nested <a href> tags?
I don't think anyone thought it would be necessary or even usefull when they made the HTML specs. It was a while back you know. When pages where grey with plain text on them basically. :) So single targets only for the A-tag.
HA... me laughs at you :D

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