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is it possible?

At work we have 1 machine with a dvd player, and we want to be able to watch it, on all 3 of our machines... Either all at once, or 1 at a time. It does have an adaptor for dual monitors, but running a cable to each monitor isn't really an option... We're running 2Kpro, and can map whatever, to each other's machines...
Nope don't think so. The DVD player can't read fast enough (slow seek time) to play three separate streams as far as I know. This is the case for CD:s anyway and the mechanisms are basicly the same. I may be wrong! :)
Same here; seek time would be slowed down; and even if this was somehow possible; you would be watching everything in very; very slow motion :p


So would it be (and how of course) possible if the DVD was on the HDD instead of the DVD player itself.:)
Just make sure you properly encode/compress it whatever; direct DVD rips take a very large amount of HDD room; around 6GB usually.

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