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Is it possible to be hacked or infected whilst online gaming???


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Since getting ADSL recently I've been doing a lot more gaming online. Mostly I continue to run NIS and NAV in the background although this can sometimes break into gameplay when the gameserver requests access to my computer.

Obviously the game server needs to send information to me and I to it so am I wrong to be a little worried about granting permission for the server to access my computer? Would I be able to play if I denied it access!!

Also if I were to disable the firewall whilst gaming would I still be susceptible to attack from other sources??


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It is always possible to be hacked, the only way to insure you don't get hacked is to never connect to the internet/other network.
While you are gaming DO NOT close your firewall software, the chance you get attacked while playing online is even bigger! (human nature: if you cant win , attack the guy with a trojan horse).

the best way to make sure you don't get hacked is to always be behind a firewall, keep the ports that you don't use closed, and avoid pissing off "real" hackers.
Script kiddies are usually thrown off course by firewalls; so keep something on Mubs. BlackICE works fine for me.

I agree; while gaming; don't close your firewall; I did that once; I thought it slowed me down; and I later found out that I had some sort of virus...wonder where that came from.


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Posted by Nick M
I agree; while gaming; don't close your firewall; I did that once; I thought it slowed me down; and I later found out that I had some sort of virus...wonder where that came from.
Probably came from the Bio-Rifle!!

I'll be wearing all my protection from now on! Especially now I have a clean and shiney XP Pro loaded on now :D



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right lets get a few facts sorted out

a firewall monitors your ports
it prevents exploits from being exploited
if you have no exploits you cannot be exploited

now were getting somewhere

a real time virus scanner monitors your files
it prevents virus and trojans from attacking your system

a virus/trojan is a file
you have to download it & open it just like any other computer file

I really dont think that your system is any danger from online gaming

the only thing a virus scanner and firewall will do for you is slow you down


I'm no expert
so feel free to shoot me down

:p :p

Perris Calderon

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two z...a little short sigted.

if he is in real time game, this is an exploitable exploit..hehe

as far as the virus scanner, again, these real time games are exactly the place you will find the latest virus, in other words, a file that the scanner won't recgnize.

also, if I were to write a virus, I would have the executeable execute, (heehee), in a common gaming keystroke...not too difficult


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I can understand your logic

& maybe on occasion some hacker has gained access through the game


in the real world how often does it happen ???
I like online games but being on 56k I never use a firewall/virus scanner cos it slows the game too much
but at the same time I dont want to be a target for hackers

so I did a few google searches
& posted the question in a gamers forum

nobody's heard of this being a problem

my advice to Mubbers would be
if your feeling paranoid
once you've finished your game
disconnect the machine from the ADSL line
& run a virus scan

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Uhhhh, /me is loading my shutgun...

Well , 2Zs has a point there, if you have no exploits on yer machine ( just run a virus scan , if you have one it will probably surface ) than you cant be "exploited". BUT an exploit inst a hell made super complicated easily detected big brown thing, it is simply a small app that can do basic operations on your pc and is accessible by a remote computer.

actually when running an Antivirus and a Firewall you are using a "double check" system, if there is an exploit on your pc than the antivirus should detect it, if by any chance it doesn't than you have the firewall to take care of a potential attack.

The thing everyone should know is that if a real hacker ( "real as in "not a dumb NetBus kiddie ) wants to attack, infiltrate or steal info from your pc, he will. no matter how many firewalls/antivitrus/port scanning software you will run, he ( or she (right, yeah) ) will find a way in.

but than again, why would a real hacker want to access your pc , i seriously doubt that you are a target that is worth the effort ( no offense there ;) ) .

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