Is electric bill a public or private record?


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14 Nov 2003
Hi everyone.

There was an article in our local paper that seemed outrageous to me.

Apparently, PG&E submits any 'unusual' electricity bills to the police, and the family in the article had a bill about $100 a month higher than the average for their neighbourhood.

The police believed that this was probably due to the grow lights used to grow marijuana, so they got a search warrant and searched the home. They found no evidence of pot growing, and after more investigation it turned out that the family were in the lanscape busines and did a lot of laundry, which explained the high bill.

My question is, why is the utility allowed to pass your bills to the police just because they're higher than the average for the area? Isn't your electric bill something between you and them? Also, is a high electric bill really enough for a judge to have issued that warrant? Or was he more likley just rubberstamping whatever the police asked for?
hmmmm it's not strictly private i belive.............kinda strange to hand them over. afterall there getting the money!!!!
Would probably depend on the electricity company, theres probably something in the small print of the contract about it.
Does seem odd though, only 100 more than average, must be really paranoid company. I agree its pretty weak evidence for a Judge to grant a warrant. but then Judges are usually crazy old people anyway
My Bill is £68 a month, maybe it's because I recharge a lot, I use electricity only no gas and wtf does that have to do with the rozzers anyways. From calculations my bill woudl be over 100 dollarz.
Guess the cops will come around soon.

I wonder if they did grow weed if it could be tax deductable and no vat.
Giving up a little bit of your freedom for the better of the community kinda like DUI check points, I dont know bout you but the police can look at my bills all they want if it means there aren't any meth/drug labs in my neighborhood and unless u have something to hide who gives a rip.
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If you want to mention liberty and stuff well here (UK) it would make no difference them being grassed up as the dumb courts would fine them £25 and release them to carry on doing whatever. The fine is just an occupational hazzard.
if the law enforcement decides it needs access to the record on suspicion of odd activites, then in the US(not sure about the UK) they can request them.
I can check on any utility bill at the court house to see if people I might rent too are paying there bills.

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