is DVD broken?!?!?!

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  1. I just bought the Fight Club se DVD and it stops playing at 6:49 into the movie. iv tried different dvd progs and it still stops, it puts the prog into im guessing a loop and then i get a "not responding" prog! if im very lucky i can acces the fast forward button and go ahead, but im rarly able to do this. this brings me to assume my dvd is scratched/broken, but considering iv never bought a DVD before i want to knwo if this is a regualr thign in dvd-movies? do they usually stop at certain parts (i fucking hope not)

    help me!
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    No, dvd's don't do that normally. Something is definantly mucked up on your end. You offered no specs on the machine you're running so i guess you're not really concerned about troubleshooting, just wanting to know if dvd's suck or not? Well, they don't suck, they rule and i hope you get yours working. If you think it's the dvd itself, try returning it for a new one or borrowing one from a buddy and trying it out... something to test your system on.
  3. My Specs for the DVD question

    iv spent the last 3 days tryign to get y dvd working its self, i wasn;t really worryign about trouble shooting, but if u think

    p4 1.7ghz
    512mb sdram
    xp home
    GF 2 MX 400 64MB (23.11 NVIDIA drivers)
    intel 845wn mb
    40gb ultra ata-100 7200 rpm hd
    17" samsung 753df .20(H) DPI flat screen
    sb live PCI sound card
    16x DVD cd rom
    16x10x32 cdr/rw

    i doubt half of those r necessary but i listed the ones i coudl think of. Im running both WinDVD 3.0 and MediaPlayer to test the DVD and they both have the same problem. so im guessing it lays in the dvd,it'll get 6:49 into it and stop at the same spot. so once again im left guessing its the DVD, and no i wasn't askign if DVD's suck, i knwo they dont, im jsut wondering if this is a regular problem, where dvds get scratched, or what not and stop in certain places (so ill know if the problem means its scratched), thats what my question was.

    im gonna return the DVD, but id like to get some insite on this first.
  4. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    Oh yeah, if any cd gets damaged it will cause your drive to like sit there and grind on it trying to read the thing and possibly crashing your system (i've had it happen before with regular CD's but not with a DVD).

    If you can find it (I thought it was here somewhere on the site, i may be wrong) get a copy of PowerDVD XP, it is, in my opinion, the best dvd player available.

    One more question, do you have the aspi-layer installed? There's still a lot of software dependent on that, i'm not sure if winDVD is or not.
  5. i went through the whol PowerDVD xp4.0 thing for half a week, it wouldn't play wiht my dvd player, it was weird, i did registry deletes and uninstall/reinstall's about a 100 times!! so i gave up and got windvd 3.0 (the new one) it works just as well and better (it plays) sure it doens';t have HALF the features as PowerDVD but i have to deal with that! MEH!

    i cant find the recipt for the dvd so ill keep it!