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Is Doom 3 worth finishing?


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I'll just say the graphics where good and all, but the game is just crap. I hate to not finish it, but is it the same all the way through or does it change at all.


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The "story"(if thats what you want to call it) Doesnt get that much more in detial, and its the same thing over and over again...but I would go for it, just so you can say you made it all the way in the most boring pretty game ever


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It does go into hell apparently (not got that far myself) so you may want to play it more for the graphics. Nowhere as good as the original though, even if you compare it in simple adrenaline shooter terms and forget all the graphics etc, and strip out the nostalgia factor of the original.


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All the hype got me in the end, just wasn't what I expected the game to be. I promised myself I'll finish it one day though, since you might as well enjoy something that cost so much :)

I like the idea of the storyline going to hell though, sounds interesting. Might have to play more just to see that.


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i did and i finished it, but i just got the 6800, so i'm gonna play it again in full wonderfull details, cant wait to go home and ignore the wife some more,, hehe only j/k well the wife part that is.


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better graphics does not make the game any better unfortunately... but once you get to "hell" in the game, it is actually decent... makes up about 1% of the crappiness of the game...


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Electronic Punk said:
well I thought it was great :p
you think everything is great when yer drunk...

I remember this one time when you thought liza minelli was hot...



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i liked it...yeah, the story was crap, but meh. i enjoyed killing all those little suckers nonetheless lol.
hell is fun too, using the ******** and whatnot (possible spoiler). worth finishing? possibly. just depends how patient u are with it


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eh... i tried it... didn't even buy it to try it.... and glad i didn't buy it to try it. got bored in the first 10 minutes of playing it. running from one side of the station to the other and then back again... just not for me. I'm more into a game with a more straight through storyline/gameplay style. as Sraycoz said. play HL2. it's at least worth it, and has what is probably a MUCH better multiplayer factor as well.

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cos I am true geek, I was looking at the engine. So good. Games have stupid expectations these days, but the way everything was integrated into each other was friggin fantastic.

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