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is Diablo II still cool?

I was thinking about reinstalling it, but you can only play a mace barb so many times...

any similar games? something newer, with better graphics even? might be time to step up my 9600pro haha.
just from looking at a few screen shots, and watching a video... thank you - so much.

this game looks beautiful and since its also a first person, i dont have to worry about "town kills" and "pks" haha -- unless I want to.


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well... i've heard that guild wars is kinda like the new diablo, but i havent tried it myself

btw, if u're tired of mace barbs u should try wind druids, they rule!



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Guild Wars is like WOW, just different. Hard to explain.

Not like Diablo 2 for sure, Titan Quest looks like it would be good for ya.
wind druids pwn. i always ended up messing them up because i'd throw in a few points on the volcano skill.


Glad to know someone else played the hell out of that game too.

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Diablo 2 is still cool

And Guild Wars is alot like Diablo a little like WOW but dont forget who made Guild Wars it was the same team that made Diablo they left Blizzard and formed their own company, They say because Blizzard was not moving on Diablo 3 ... as a big player of both Diablo 2 and Guild Wars I can say that yes, what we see in Guild Wars was what we were hopeing Diablo 3 would offer, a great story very nice graphics, and hours and hours and hours of things to do.
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I guess I didn't play Diablo 2 much because I don't see how Guild Wars is like it. Maybe it's just me, who knows.


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this game looks beautiful and since its also a first person, i dont have to worry about "town kills" and "pks" haha -- unless I want to.
Titan Quest is third-prson, just like Diablo 2. it's actually a complete ripoff of D2 with the same keys and loot/inventory working the same. good game.


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I have Hellgate London at home and it is amazing. I don't know if it's for everyone though, it is quite different in gameplay.
i've been thinking about buying Hellgate. surprisingly the price dropped to $29 already. wasn't expecting that. just don't wanna have to do the whole monthly fee thing again. already doing that right now with WoW.... and i don't play it all that much. usually for an hour or a few a night.

Played the beta of Hellgate a little bit though, and from what i saw, it was quite good.
if i sell my WoW stuff on eBay, it'd probably only be so that i could play another game... probably that happens to be pay-to-play.... such as Hellgate.

besides.... selling WoW stuff on eBay is hardly worth it anymore. Last i heard.... eBay was sued by Blizzard for that sole reason. Don't think they allow accounts to be sold anymore... and if they do, they usually don't sell for nearly as much as they used to. all you really find anymore on eBay about WoW is leveling/gold guides and stuff.
lol, same thing. wouldn't want to play for free if all my junk sucks. just like i can't stand playing private WoW servers. they're free...... but community is lacking, and damn near everything else as well.

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