Is Case fan really needed

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong part,

My new machine is athlon 1600+ it has a pretty good heatsink and fan, there is also a case fan which is a bit to load for my liking,

I need to know if it is really needed, or will it be ok without it,

the graphics card has its own fan, and im not a game player so does it need that many fans.



I have one Fan blowing in and one fan blowing out , My machine is only 1Ghz not overclocked .....

The cooler the better i reckon ........ when the machine gets hot it becomes unstable and puts stress on all the components

so yes , i would leave the fan , and probably add another ....:rolleyes:


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You don't "need" it, but it would make your cpu and motherboard cooler. As long as you don't experience any sudden crashes I would say you are fine!!:)

*Tired of overcooling peeps:D

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