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IRQ Settings.



First of all, I don't know whether to put this in Tips & Tweaks or Hardware. If any mod feels this should be moved, go ahead. :)

Anyway, this isn't really a problem, but I'd like to know if my IRQ settings (see the attachment) are optimal, or something. I've also heard the graphics and the network card should have different IRQ values, but they both share the same IRQ (#3). Is that bad? Or should they get their own values? If so, what values? Will I even get a performance boost if I change them?

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll help me out with this. :)
I wouldn't mess with IRQ:s if they are working. I don't think you can get (much) better performance if they are different. Messing with the automatic IRQ settings will only cause you headache unless you are lucky. Leave them alone is my advice.


Hmmm... Alright then. I'll leave them alone, unless someone has a good reason to tell to do it. :p

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