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IRQ? how to

Shamus MacNoob

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How to set irq for video card or sound card?

As it is mine both share irq 11 ...if I go to device manager and try to remove use automatic settings I can't , its greyed out on all my devices, Yes I am on the admin account.

And what benifit is there to haveing lets say the sound card on a different IRQ than the vid card , I dont have any conflicts but I want to know why I am not able to set them, and would I gain anything if I did have them separate.

Thanks in advance

On ACPI compliant motherboards with Windows XP installed, PCI devices will be re-enumerated by the operating system so that they share the same IRQ (usually IRQ9 or sometimes IRQ11). This is completely normal operation and has been intentionally designed into the Windows XP operating systems.


Youve probably got the IRQs on auto setting in the Bios as I have, thus setting in D/M is ticked as Auto but greyed out for purpose of changing.
Best to leave for Windows to decide what can happily live with a shared IRQ and what cannot.
On rare occasion theres a conflict look for Bios adjustment and try to override in D/M.
Never seen it happen myself.

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