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IrDA ports for PC?



Hey, I have been looking on internet for IrDA ports for the PC but I have had no luck at all.

So Im wondering, is it just laptops and mobiles that have IrDA?

Im asking because my seven year old laptop's IrDA port does not work with my mobiles one. It functions fine but no data is transfered despite all the updates and software stuck into it.



hardware monkey
i think a lot of boards actually have irda built-in. you just have to buy the optical part and connect it to it. the irda header is usually near the bottom/front of the board.

unless that's exactly what you're talking about, then nevermind. :eek:


Ahh, I forgot about that. In my mobo manual it points to an IrDA bit. Where can I get the optical part, I looked on computer websites of shops in my town but I havent came across these parts on their sites. Its an Abit mobo if your wondering. hmm.


hardware monkey
no idea. it should be a standardized thing, so mobo brand or chipset shouldn't matter. i've never seen the parts for sale. or even mobo-based irda used by anyone, ever actually.

if and when you find some for sale, let us know. :)


I'll research further into this. I was looking at new Samsung mobiles and I saw a diagram of the new Samsung E700 wired up to a computer and it reminded me about the IrDA.

As soon as I find something I will post.

ps althought this really has nothing to do with NTFS.org, check out the new Samsung E700, quite a remarkable piece of digital engineering.


I found something, here http://www.sitecom.com/products_info.php?product_id=28&grp_id=1 it was on Ideal Computings site of one of the shops in town, I didnt find it until now because there are so many urls similar and I thought it was down. Also Amazon.de has some equipment, .com and .co.uk dont!?

So far thats what I have found. Argh if only people wouldnt have common urls, I would of found this out from Ideal ages ago, instead of thinking it was down.
For you desktop Pc you have 2 options that I'm aware of:
1) Use the header on the motherboard in place of your second COM port
2) USB to IRDA adapter.

I've tried the first with no luck (Gigabyte IRDA module on an MSI Mb) http://www.pc2me.co.uk/en-gb/dept_51.html

In the end I bought the USB option for the same money. IMHO it's better - Keeps both COM ports free, Can move it around (option 1 would be fixed to the front of your PC and hard to point at), and can use it on my girlfriends PC upstairs too.
the USB IrDA devices are better than the ones using the motherboard header cause you can move it around to best suit the device you are trying to connect

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