IRC Quotes

<|e|-Punk> Did you and piss quack a rare mitten for misty or did you hoover the irish puzzleman who chins pepper to impress onlooking cuddles and dimples who are loan sharks?

And we put our faith in this man?

[12:27] •dreamline• Jewelzz, what'dya say we go smoke a fattie and listen to some floyd?
[12:27] •Jewelzz• thanx for the offer dreamline but i'll be smoking xsivforce's fatty shortly

And I feel honored to be quoted.


Secret Goat Fetish
Political User
lmfao great to see them all, i've been quoted toooo many times with dodgy stuff ;)

<Henyman> nah not a fetish anymore, more a bizare sexual attraction 2 black + white spot's
[12:09] <Henyman> i poke cows
[12:24] <[e]-Punk> the public deserve to see my man breasts