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iPod plugin for Winamp (say goodbye to iTunes)


Beware the G-Man
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Now this plugin has been around since 2004 but it has gone through some updates and it has become a popular plugin for those who don't like or just wish not to use Apple's iTunes anymore. It's called ml_ipod, and it's for Winamp 5.

Reason, "Because Winamp 5 does your music better". :D

Well that what has been said. So if no one knew about this little jem or heard about it but never thought of using it, here be the info.

The newest version of this plugin is version 1.31 released on 1/5/2006

Now this plugin lets you copy your songs be it MP3, MP4 or AAC to your Windows iPod. It does transcoding of incompatable files, it has iPod Shuffle support, full-album autofill, smart playlists, playlist support, reverse & forward sync and a host or other goodies.

This newest version has:

* Fixed error messages on ejection
* Fixed ml tree items handling
* Fixed size rounding
* Fixed compatibility issue with Anapod Explorer that caused 100% CPU usage
* Updated CVS for easier compilation

And if you do switch from iTunes then here are 2 more plugins that might help the migration.

The iTunes database importer

and the

M4P input plugin.

These will let you import your library from iTunes (so you don't lose any playcounts, ratings or anything) and play back music purchased with the iTunes Music Store.

You Can Download the Latest Version of the iPod plugin Here

Here be the ml_iPod site so you can read all the info on this plugin.


And it's page at Winamp dot com.


And Winamp's own download link.


And as always, feedback is welcome. :)


F@H - Is it in you?
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I wish winamp organized my playlist better :(

If it did, I would use it exclusively.


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I wish winamp would get rid of all the static while listening to songs. If they did, I would use it exclusively.


█▄█ ▀█▄ █
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Sazar said:
I wish winamp organized my playlist better :(

If it did, I would use it exclusively.
That is the main gripe I have always had with Winamp, is the poor organization with playlists :(


OSNN Veteran Original
Guess I'm not that picky with organization inside the mediaplayer, cause I have never had any complaints about Winamps organization of them.


Beware the G-Man
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I never did tend to use the playlist organization. I do now with my iPods but even then I sometimes don't want to listen to some songs that at the time of creating the playlist I did, errrrr, want to ummm, listen to. (now my head hurts :p)

In Winamp if i'm in the mood I go and pick 'n choose the songs and boom. If I turn it into a playlist or whatnot, I may change my mind later and that playlist is as dead as, well, you get the picture. I have used the playlist features of Winamp. They are not the greatest but they do well. iTunes does quite well but it's also not cream yer pants thrilling either. (sorry couldn't help it :p).

Another thing I read about this plugin is that iTunes doesn't let you put iPod music onto your hard drive. However, this plug-in let you save all your music onto your hard drive. Now you will ask why do I need to do this if my music is on my computer's HDD. Well say you want to migrate to a new system and/or want to have some or all of you music on another system that's not that close by. Or ya just want to share :eek:. Or the HDD died and you can't get any of your music. Scary I know. I still have a dead IBM "deathstar" sitting with 26 Gigs of music on it. :mad:

Anyway... carry on.


Beware the G-Man
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Oh ooooh :eek:

With the advent of Winamp 5.2 it seems that this little pugin is going to be old news. Since Winamp 5.2 has its own portable music player support. Damn, oh well. But for anyone that doesn't up to 5.2 (which I think will be ummm, zero) you can still use this plugin. But as is quoted on the ml_ipod site

Winamp 5.2 has been released, which has its own portable music player support. It doesn't yet have all the features of mlipod, but it will hopefully have most of them soon. Also, I wrote it, so I don't think I will be contributing much to the mlipod project anymore. If anyone else wants to start contributing in a major way, get in touch.

Thanks for the support and donations guys, it has been a fun couple of years.

- Will Fisher
Bummer. :(

But hey, he wrote it, so that's a good thing.


F@H - Is it in you?
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gonaads said:
Finally this thread begins to take off. :p
You're supposed to preface the thread title with "cookies inside" or some such goodies :)

This is a kewl thing. Cept I don't use an ipod :cool:


I'm sorry Hal...
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Works fine and dandy. Used it ealier. More options and than built in one (atm). Now i can go back to having winamp as default music player! yay!

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