iPod Issues, Please Help

I have an ipod now for about... 8 months and it gives me so many problems. About every 1 1/2 months or so i gotta go to the ipod store and get a new one becuase my ipod's hard drive keeps dying. Any suggestions? It constantly skips right now and i think i have to go replace it once again. I don't put anything garbage on it. I just hold songs on it and maybe a couple of progams or 2. But thats it so now it keeps skipping =/ Can it be the songs? i dont think songs can be corrupted becuase they're on my computer. BTW my ipod is filled to 11 gigz


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Re: Ipod!!

What are you using to put the songs on the iPod? Are you using iTunes? If you aren't other programs can corrupt the database on the iPod, so it doesn't know where to look on the hard drive for a song.

That used to cause skipping on my iPod.
the most i had was sharepod, and i rarely used that, it was to take songs off my ipod and onto my computer. other than that its only itunes