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iPod car kit


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Ok not sure where to put this but since iPod is an Apple product I'm putting it here. :p

Anyhoo I'm going to get a car kit for my iPod and I was just wondering if any of you have one and could recommend one or steer me away from a bad one. I want both an FM [no cassette ect.] modulator one with a cig. lighter adapter.

I would also not like to see any anti-iPod [you should have got so and so mp3 player] postings as that doesn't really help. :p


i got some cheap fm trasmiter from best buy for like $30. All are the same i guess so when you hook it up, turn the ipod vol up a lot, and then you won't hear the hiss/buzz that you get when you turn the radio up. The one i got uses usb connection for power and comes with a cig lighter adapter so you can use it on computer or car.
ok i personally don't know a kit u can buy that includes all of it (im sure theres some on apple.com) but u should browse at griffin technology site. they have the itrip which acts as a FM transmitter. and they have roadtrip transmitter which has the actual FM radio. and there's the cig lighter sold separately there too. just take a look @ it


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I have an iTrip for my ipod and if you are in a major city where a lot of the frequencies are being used for the radio you will have a problem using it. I'm from the chicago area and about five minutes from the city and the itrip is really hard to use.

But if I'm in the suburbs away from the city it works great and can't be beat.

But I would go for the cassette adapter cause there would be next to no interference.
I don't have a cassette player in my car so I don't know how well those work but I would go for that.


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I thought I should follow up on this. I ended up getting an iTrip and for the most part it worked flawless. Oh and Griffen Technology's site (makers of the iTrip) they have an app that will show you stations available in your area (most major citys).


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I used to use an iTrip but ended up going the cassette route since I've got a tape and CD unit in my car. If you're having some interference trouble then search online for a way to hack the iTrip. I'll post it later if I come across it, but I remember that the newer models can be opened on top to pull the antenna out for better reception. Griffin didn't intend for this to be done, and I believe it's against FCC regulations, but it's supposed to help your reception!

Here it is.
I have an iTrip related question. I have created a smart playlist and excluded all the Griffin Technology frequency files. My question is...can you shuffle a playlist? I mean I know how to load the smart playlist I created...do I just choose it and then go to shuffle music???
Well how exactly do you do it? I created a smart playlist and loaded it and then went back to the main menu and pressed shuffle...but this just bypassed the playlist and shuffled all the tracks which included the itrip files...:(
A tip on iTrips:

You can use a penknife to peel the top off of them and expose a wire. This is the transmitter antenna. Exposed it is much more powerful.

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