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iPhone5 release?


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Does anyone have a solid time when the iPhone5 will be out, and what carrier will have it? Rumors are this June or July. Of course, others are saying the end of this year or beginning of 2012.

I am waiting for this to upgrade, and I hope they have it in white.


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Based on a story over at neowin the Iphone5 will be released later this year

neowin said:
However, according to Bloomberg's sources, and as reported by Neowin, Apple is actually not planning on unveiling the latest version of the iPhone at the Worldwide Developers Conference as they have for the last several years. Instead, the company will reveal the iPhone 5 this fall and perhaps start selling it around holiday season.
Mind you its a sotry about the possible release of the white IPhone4
Neowin.net - White iPhone 4 coming by end of April


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I received word that the white iPhone4 is going to be released at the end of this month, so now the iPhone5 won't be released till the beginning of 2012. I think I will get the white iPhone4 and then upgrade to the iPhone5 when it comes out. Only thing is that I hope Verizon gets it. I seriously don't want to go with Verizon, but they still have unlimited Data and AT&T blows donkey schillings.


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I don't have a cell phone account yet. So I will be getting it, then upgrading once. If they don't allow that, then I guess I will wait till the iPhone5 comes out, then.
THe sony Xperia ARC has caught my eye. If I get either of the two jobs I'm interviewing for I'll have to see which of the two out of iphone 5 and xperia arc are the better choice.


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it is going to be a daul core with a bigger screen and more memory, and hd video and pics, Perris. From what I heard, it is going to be aluminum with a brushed back as well. And they are going back to the old style antenna.

Here are some other:

  • NFC Technology – The new iPhone 5 supports NFC technology the one which is used in Google’s Flagship Android phone, the Nexus S. With NFC technology, iPhone 5 will have extremely high data transfer rate between two devices.
  • New Smart and brainy iPhone – Now with the new iphone5, you can even get answers to your questions like: What is the phone number of nearby hotel, Dispensary, taxi company? What Italian restaurant is nearby?
  • Facial Recognition – The iPhone will be able to identify its owner through facial recognition. The phone can be unlocked and begin to function after recognizing its owner. We’ve seen similar technology in laptops when logging on to windows via face recognition. It no doubt come in handy for other apps.

  • Advanced Antenna – The problems with the iPhone 4 is completely worked out on the iPhone 5.
  • iPhone 5 Camera – The new iPhone 5 will have an megapixel camera and can record full HD video (720p we expect) with a capped recording time of 25 to 30 seconds. The camera is equipped with a Omnivision OV8820 sensor.
  • Battery Backup – iPhone 5 comes with an awesome battery that exceeds the life of the 3G by 14 hours – 7 hours over 4G which makes it perfect for heavy use.
  • iPhone 5 Screen Size - 3.7-4.0 inches (scratch and shatter proof) Apple will be removing more of the nonsensitive borders on either side of the screen, reducing the size of the home button and possibly increase the size of the phone itself.
  • iPhone 5 Processor – 1.2GHz Dual Core
  • iPhone 5 provides you with a variety of email alerts and notification. You can now assign alerts for different emails as well.

How iPhone 5 is different from iPhone 4?

  • The processor used in iPhone 5 is a 1.2GHz dual core processor which makes it faster than its former version in the iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4 had a complication regarding the antenna issue, attenuation in receiving signals, dropping off calls etc. will be completely sorted out with iPhone 5.
  • The battery backup of iPhone 4 is high enough to last up to 48 hours despite of its heavy use. With iPhone 5 we expect no issues regarding the battery life. It will have an extended battery life of 14 hours on 3G and 7 hours on 4G with a stand by time of 600 hours.
  • The hardrive will be larger on the iPhone 5, a range of sizes will be offered up to around 64Gb.
  • iPhone 5 is expected to have a 8 MP camera, an upgraded from iPhone 4′s 5MP, to capture high quality pictures and videos.


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I'm already anxious for the posts anticipating the white iphone 5. The iphone 6. The white iphone 6. The iphone 7. The white iphone7 etc etc etc.

What's that sound?

I think it's Steve Jobs laughing.

Why does he sound like a super villain?

Did I just answer my own question?
That list of things are all guesses, nobody ever knows the full specs pre-release. Also seems to be a list of most everything Android phones can do now, or will rather soon.

@Johnny - you'll have to pay an early termination fee if your going to upgrade within a year of having gotten a new contract (at least several hundred bucks most likely) - and then I'm not sure if you get the discounted phone price either since you will have just broken your contract.

Also as far as I've observed Verizon iPhone = AT&T iPhone (except that it can't do data and calls at the same time). it seems to have just the same amount of signal issue as AT&T (though my Android phone seemed to be better on AT&T then most people with Verizon). Anyhoo I wouldn't buy into the Verizon hype until you've tested it in your area.


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At this point anything with it is a rumor. There is no official statements of what it has or when it will be out. I hate speculation, but it is also fun if you think about it.

like I also said, if they don't let me upgrade after getting the iPhone4 I will just wait till 5 comes out to get it, then.

There is already talk about 6 lol.

I do think it is a marketing strategy that Jobs is doing, although he is out on another medial leave with no idea of when he is returning.


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Bit late now though isn't it? :p
Surely you can't upgrade twice in less than a year? :eek:
Been stuck in my current contract for 2 years, so finally looking at the Sensation.
Do love my HD2 though.
What gawd awful carrier are you stuck with, if they wouldn't allow an upgrade in that period of time. True it was a long arse time ago, but about 10 years ago when I had Alltel, if I wanted to upgrade my phone, but was under contract with a current phone, all I had to do was re-bundle, at which time the new required contract length was appended to the 1 year from before.

On my sister's Friends and Family program with Verizon, when my mother's phone malfunctioned, she just bought a new phone, and it got activated on the plan. She wasn't locked into having to keep a certain phone, certainly not for 2 years...

So which carrier, is making you go through that :eek:

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It is fairly standard here over in the UK.

On the flipside however, the phone was new at the time, free (RRP £500) and stuck me in a 24 month contract for £15 a month - thats £360...


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White iPhone Coming in Weeks, iPhone 5 in Sept., iPhone 6 in Spring 2012

It's only a few months away from one of the biggest annual smart phone events -- the launch of Apple Inc.'s latest and greatest iPhone. Hopes are riding high and the pressure is on for Apple.

DailyTech - White iPhone Coming in Weeks, iPhone 5 in Sept., iPhone 6 in Spring 2012
If this is true, I will be one happy person :) They even said in there that it is rumored, so it is still no solid date. :(

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