iPhone/iPod Touch Application Reviews


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12 Apr 2002
Figured since some of us have these products, a few un-biased reviews from people y'all know rather than random musing may help :)

I am currently running about 10 apps on my phone and honestly, I would probably rate them all around 3.5-5 OSNN stars :)

Here are my apps as of today.


Great product for controlling my music library from my phone. Very easy to use and I do not need a wireless remote for my speakers :D Plus, not only am I controlling the music, I am also able to control, very easily, my volume as well. Pretty awesome. My recommendation is to hopefully see this control extend to things like the Pandora and Last.fm apps.

5/5 OSNN stars

Sports Tap:

Simple app for checking scores and various sports event run-downs. Simple and does what it is expected to.

3.5/5 OSNN stars


Turns your phone into a virtual light saber.

5/5 OSNN stars... I mean... it's a FRIGGIN LIGHT SABER


Both apps are easy to use and I can log into my accounts and access some things like friends lists and so forth. Very convenient and simple.

4.5/5 OSNN stars

Super Monkey Ball:

The game is too damn sensitive but oh so much fun.

You are basically a monkey... in a ball. Control is 100% accelorometer based.

5/5 OSNN stars

Texas Hold'Em:

EXCELLENT Poker game. And the landscape/portrait modes are really well done :D Highly recommended for poker players. Portrait mode shows you the actual players and the graphics are good enough to look for tells.

5/5 OSNN stars.

Language Phrase Apps:

I currently have the French and Spanish apps installed. Easy, corny, convenient and the french lady who speaks on the french version sounds positively hawt :smoker:

5/5 OSNN stars

Bank of America App:

Paying bills from my phone has NEVER been easier :D

5/5 OSNN stars

Those are my currently installed apps and I LOVE em :D


ho3 ho3 ho3
22 Mar 2004
Dizzy Bee (cheap at like a £1 or something) - 5/5 - Like Rokoyo but you must rotate the screen.
Tip Tap (free :D) - 4/5 - Guitar hero but tapping and free downloads of more songs.


Political Access
2 Mar 2002
Last.fm shouldn't get a 4.5 when the biggest part of last.fm is scrobbling and the iphone app doesn't scrobble. Apple's fault though and their restrictive SDK.


Rest In Peace
12 Apr 2002
It works well enough without the scrobbling portion as it doesn't skip as much as Pandora. Although, I must say, I use Pandora more than Last.fm.

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