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iphone 3g 16gig lcd+digitizer question

anyone know if the new iphones can replace just the lcd?

i have a phone coming on ebay and the screen is damaged but the touch function still works. without research i purchased a 3g 16gig lcd replacement on ebay. a friend said you cant separate the digitizer from the lcd.

i did some searching and i cant find an article that proves either of our sides. neither of us are really that sure of our sides.

anyone know?
do you happen to know which kind of tools i need? or if you know of a website, that's be excellent.

i just haven't been able to find anything specific enough.
well the screws on my iphone are super tiny philips (I think thats what the + shaped ones are called).

I'd say the whole screw was 3-4mm wide tops. (0.1575 inches according to an online convertor)
post-game report.

i bought new glass for the 16gig iphone and it came with pry tools and a small screw driver.

separated it into two pieces easily.

the LCD, Digitizer, and Glass are connected with screws.

I kept it together and tried to separate the Glass and Digitizer so I could JUST replace the glass.

Pretty much, the digitizer and glass are VERY difficult to separate without damaging the digitizer.

Ended up destroying the digitizer and scratched the LCD. Very foolish of me.

Went ahead and ordered the Top case, bezel, lcd, digitizer, glass, home button pre-assembled for $250.

Tips: Separated the LCD from the digitizer and glass -- Buy both a new digitizer and glass and call it a day. It's much cheaper. Like half the price.

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