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ip problems


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my mother in-laws computer died recently so i brought my spare pc over to her house let her use it. well, i can't get it to connect to her isp (adelphia). i was on the phone with 'tech support' for about an hour and they came to the resolution that the ip address is wrong. apparently if it starts with a 169 there will be a problem. they said i need to contact gateway and change the IP so it will work with their network. so, how do i change it and is it possible?



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169.x.x.x is actually an A.P.I.P.A (Automatic Private IP Address), that Windows will auto-assign if it can't find or receive information from a valid DHCP server.

Depending on if she has DSL/Cable, I would turn the computer all the way off, and then power cycle the ISP hardware.

If there is a modem and a router, do this...

Turn off PC
Turn off Modem/Router
Turn Modem back on, give it a minute or so for lights to stabilize
Turn Router back on, same for lights
When all lights are normal, turn PC back on.

Check IP before doing anything else, you should get a 192.168.x.x if there is a router, and a normal IP if there isn't.


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Which actually makes it a more likely scenario.

Not really sure why, as XP should be able to auto-sense the connection change. Reboot the modem itself and you shouldn't have any further issues :)

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