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IP for XP client



Hi guys !!! My problem is I have 5 computers connected to network thought Lan and I'm running one IRc server on one client computer (A) but nobody can connect to my server (A). This Ip on client computer always is, i tried to set the true IP from the main computer but it still doesnt work, when people connect it always says "connect time out". Of course i can connect from Local IP All of my computer uses XP so how can i config Ip address for server which running in client computer ?
You'd have to describe your setup better, is this a home setup? Are you using a firewall or router? if so you have to allow the ports you want opened to access the computer behind the router and such. since the only computer with a valid IP will be the router or the computer functioning as the router.


Well, I have a router upstair but it's my boss's router so i cant do anything :p
The problem is the main computer which has router is upstar and i cant do anything with it.
My computer is downstair and it's a client ( connected though router). I want to run IRC server on my computer but I can config IP address for my server. I tried to get upstair computer's IP and set it to my server but it still doesnt work.
I think the problem is when people connect to IRCserver, they connected to the upstair computer and didnt connect to my client computer.
Thanks for reply !
Well you can't have the same IP as the router. Just leave it on the IP it's supposed to have normally. Then you'll have to port map the appropriate ports through to your computer. This is done in the router. If you can't modify the router, then there's nothing you can do. Sorry.

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