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hey my friend is in jippii golf and was accused of havin more the one name. the reason they think this cause of his ip address is the same as some other people in florida. but one of the people he talked to once asked what his ip address was and he didnt know what that was and the guy told him how to give it to him. so he gave it to him and now he is accused of have 4 names. but his ip address changes and i though it dont change.

so what i am tryin to say is r the ip address suppose to change and can someone have the same ip address as someone else
It depends on what type of connection your friend is using. Dial-up (56k) connections always have dynamic IP addresses, so the IP changes each time the user connects. Broadband connections (Cable/DSL) usually have static IP addresses, so the IP is fixed. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Some broadband ISPs also assign dynamic IPs.
Yes, when your friend's computer loses the DHCP lease, and gets a new IP, his old IP is returned to the pool, and can be assigned to anyone else. :)

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