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Interview Advice



Hi all,

Well maybe my luck is changing :) as I have a job interview tomorrow with an IT firm. The thing is Im dead nervous, always do get dead nervous! :confused:

Has any1 got any advice, of overcoming this nervousness, and or general interview tips. (no silly comments please).




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good nights rest... have a nice leisurely shower/bath before the meeting.. leave plenty of time.. don;t rush things...

if you want to check up about company incase of any questions they do appreciate that... above activities should calm you down/put you in positive frame of mind...

during interview... don't ramble on.. be precise with answers if asked... try not to go off topic too much :)

dress sharp...

continues advice for nervousness... no caffeine... not kidding I seen guys hyperactive like a mother sometimes I been in there :)

I been to 4 interviews so far in my life... have been accepted to 3 of the job titles... though probably nothing as prestigious as you...

need a nice pat on the back... drop in scropious... :) we'll give it to you lol...

good luck... kick some ass... and when you get that job you can buy me a new rig :) lol...

HAVE FUN m8... most relaxing thing that


Yea, I know deep down that, my mind has just been buzzing with things like "what if they ask this"..or "what if they ask that..".

Silly I know! But thanks for your advice. They must be interested in me (without knowing too much) to of offered the interview in the 1st place!


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When asked "Do you have any questions for me?" It's best to have 1 or 2 questions already thought out... "What do you like about the company" blah blah

Also, if asked a question and nothing pops into your head at that very moment, don't be afraid to ask if you can come back to that question BUT don't do it for every question.

Good Luck!!! Let us know how things go :)


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STAY CARM nerves are what will spoil ya. take it nice + easy...don't rush + u will be fine. also be well prepaired for anything they can throw @ ya:p

good luck + tell us how u got on!!!


{[Scorpious]} I guess by now you'll be getting that good night's rest (since it is pushing 10 PM in the motherland), but here's my 2 cents for what it is worth!

Others have given you some very good information, and I feel like attitiude is also a key factor- you've got to believe in yourself, feel confident in your answers and try to let them sense you are truely interested in what you can add to their company and the job you are seeking!

Good luck m8!:cool: :cool:

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if you see a piece of paper on the floor pick it up 4 god sake as if you leave it. it tends to say your a liar. just read that in a book somewhere.

anway good luck m8! not that you need it :D


Thanks for all your advice, my nerves dissapeared as soon as I started the journey to the place (thankgod)!
I just alwaz seem to get nervous at times like that.

Snook, I have nothing to hide, except Im NUTZ!! lol :D

Octopus: I've already gotten rid of my ATI card, as some of you already know.

But I might have my current system up for grabs (if I get the job), as I intend to get a nice new rig, probably an Intel P4 2.4b or higher :D

S'later dudes/dudettes :) :p

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