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Wasn't sure where to post this, but what is the general feeling on the built in internet security in xp (I am on cable).
Should I enable it?
I was using zone alarm, but I kept having problems with the ??vector (I cant remember the name) so I uninstalled.
I do have Nortons 2001 running.
in my experience, unless you are a direct target for a top-class hacker, you will be fine with xp's own firewall. it makes sure all your ports are stealth so your average kiddie scanners can't find you - and if they don't know you're there, they won't bother trying to hack you.

the only thing you need to be vigilant about is your virus and trojan scanning because you will have no outbound filtering or mail intercepting.

i used the xp one for ages and the only reason i use zonealarm pro as well now is that i have iis running.

of course if a really good hacker wants your machine, there isn't much you can do about it no matter what you use, but what are the chances of that eh? like i say, if you 'appear' not to exist, they'll just move on to another machine.
stef_nz, i was getting the error message (in the event viewer) that the true vector did not load. I know this was a conflict with zone alarm. I had the newest demo installed.
any advice on what the error was caused by and how to overcome it?
I would very much like to run zone alarm.
By the way, I was always able to connect to the web and I was constantly getting messages that someone was attempting to contact my computer, so I assume that zone alarm was working but the true vector message spooked me.
Secondly, the built in firewall is disabled in my system.
one way to check if zone alarm is working properly is to go to the last tab - configuration or something (i can't remember the name of it - its where you enter the registration key and stuff). near the top of that window, it will tell you if the true vector service is started or not.

i suspect if you were getting alerts, it must have been working.

i wonder is the true vector monitor could be trying to start twice? have you tried checking the registry -> run keys for the true vector service? make sure it's there only once.

if that's not the problem, you can try uninstalling it completely - there's a trick to it which you can find here............

once you've removed all traces, install it again and hope for the best.

if all else fails, i can assure you, you are better off enabling the built-in xp firewall than having none at all. it works well.

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