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Internet Problems



I am having problems with what appears to be a pure XP problem.
I have a cable internet connection. Now previously i had my cable modem connected to my XP box through USB with a 2nd Win 2k Pro box connected to mine through a LAN. All worked well apart from when the ip address changed every 4 hours on cable modem at which time i had to reboot and reset cable modem :(
I was advised to install the cable modem through a nic card as opposed to through USB. Now, i had an old machine so installed 2 nic cards in that one and added it to the LAN. I also installed cable modem to that box too. This machine is also running Win 2k Pro. Now the problem i have, is that when browsing, pages either take forever to load or come up with a Page can not be displayed message. All internet activity ceases from the XP box to the Win 2k host machine. When i hit refresh the page loads fine. In general browsing is very bitty on the XP box. On my other Win 2k box, browsing is fine, no problems at all. All machines are running IE 6.0 and have all updates. I run online games from the XP box so i know the network connection is good. Just browsing is choked. I also have 2 friends running a similair setup. Win 2k server with Xp connections and they also find the same problem.
I don`t really want to drop back to Win 2k again if i can help it, nor do i want to connect the cable modem back to my XP box. The server box stays on 24/7 and my XP box doesnt.

Anyone else encountered this problem before? Got any cures?
All help appreciated



Been tried already, my friend formatted his Xp box and re-installed, also tried re-installing on all machines but to no avail :(

Any one else any more idears???



ok try this disable DNS Client under services in administrative tools...tell me if this helps

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