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Internet Explorer vs Firefox default background colours


Just updating my website www.fataudio.com and noticed on placing an "i frame" in one of the pages that internet explorer when choosing the default colour for the background in Dreamweaver (3) it displays *white*. With firefox the defualt colour comes up as transparent.

The page is http://www.fataudio.com/pricing.htm

Is there any way i can tell the background in dreamweaver to make the background transparent? The main page has a background and the "i frame" page I have currently have set to black (as you will see) as most of my site is black or based on black, but the transparent option is a lot nicer looking.

Any ideas?

thanks!! :)



Glaanies script monkey
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You would have to edit the HTML of the iframe source I believe, not sure since I would never use frames ever. Setting the background of that element to transparent in CSS should do it.

On a side note, don't use frames.

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