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Internet Explorer toolbar layout


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I have a couple of add-ons to IE... Pop-Up Stopper and the Google toolbar, and they both have bars that are added to the IE interface. I am having trouble keeping them where I want them though. Every time I open the browser, the toolbars have moved around and so I have to unlock the bars, move everything around, and lock them again. I think they should stay where I put them, but they don't. Does anyone know of a way I can make everything stay in place so that I don't have to keep doing this? Thanks.


i have the same prob with the goolgle toolbar. i had it next to the toolbar buttons, above the address bar, and it actually stayed there for about a week after my most recent clean install, but it went back to under the address bar after that.


does anyone know how to fix this? it happens ot me every single friggin time :)


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I've got Google docked on the top bar next to the menu, and it has stayed there so far. I also got Pop-Up Stopper to stay by unchecking an option it has telling it to stay under the address bar. Google doesn't seem to have that option, however, I disabled many of the extra buttons on the toolbar. So maybe the size of the bar has something to do with it. That's my best guess though.

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