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Internet Explorer refresh sucks, plz helP!


OSNN Senior Addict
i run my own website. and its my homepage.
but why when i update it does it take hours before i can actually see it. i know its updated because i have been on it on different computers but as soon as i try on mine, i get nothing, i have tried loads of settings and deleted all temp internet files but just doesnt seem to work any quicker, i should be able to see my page updates straight away, but cant.

how do i fix this?
All you should need to do is REFRESH the page. If you have frames then you may need to refresh each additional page. I know of a way to make the page refresh. Let me look it up and I will reply shortly


OSNN Senior Addict
i do click refresh and my page doesnt have frames, but it just dont work, that link didnt help me out either but thanx anyway.

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