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internet explorer problem plz help!



for some reason when i go to ANY webpage w/ IE it says "This Page Cannot Be Displayed" i dont know why. does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? i think it all started when i alt+ctrl+deleted a webpage

plz help me thx


I had a similar problem, so i asked one of the aol tech support people, they said disconnect and clear your browser cache(tempory internet files). this worked for me, try it,



errr crap it didnt work i still cant view any sites. do u guys have any other ideas?


Beware the G-Man
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Yeah, I happens to me on occassion. It happens when you leave the system running for a couple of days and either hybernates or goes standby. Somehow the system or your ISP resets or something and when you connect your browser can't surf the web. You have to restart XP then reconnect with your dialup, dsl, cable or whatever and then your browser or browsers (depends on how many you got on your machine) Mozila0.9.9, IE, Netscape6.2 or 4.79 can surf the web. I'm running XP Pro 2002 and I still can't figure out why.


Beware the G-Man
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It just did it to me 2 hours ago, had it running for 3 days. So I logged off, hit restart and boom it all works again. Really sucks.


I never used to have the problem but it only started recently. NOW every time i return from standby i have to restart the machine to access the internet.

I wonder if there is a fix/tweak/ registry setting to fix this?
Anyon know?

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