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Internet cuts out hourly



K heres my setup

Router/---- Walljack---Switch---2 computers
/ \
/ \ Walljack---Switch-- 2 computers

ALL my hardware is Linksys
I am running 3 comps w/XP PRO and the other w/2000 PRO.

Every couple of hours or so my internet cuts out and i go to the modem and router and i un plug them and wait 1 minute then plug it back in and it works.. So with that said i dont think the problem is in my setup or config, but do u think it is my ISP? Need input on what i should do. Thx ~Supp
It's either ISP, modem or router. Which one is hard to say, updating firmware might help sometimes. Try running without the router for a while (one computer only). Does it still happen?
aye, its definitely a nice setup, but I notice a SCSI adapter, yet the HDDs and DVD/CDROM drivers are all IDE...

nice never the less though :)

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