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Internet connection sharing problem and wireless network



I have a Proxim wireless network, Symphony HRF. I bought it about a year and a half ago and used it to share an Internet connection in Windows 98 with one other computer in my home. I have now installed WinXP Pro on both of my computers and I am trying to do the same Internet sharing with them. Unfortunately it has been a work in frustration.

I have installed Proxim's XP drivers. The two computers actually see each other just fine. The signal is strong between the two, but when it comes to sharing the connection it fails every time on the client computer.

I have, per Proxim's instructions, set up my Internet sharing via XP's ICS program. My problem is that since it is just a peer to peer connection, when I tell the computer to allow other network users to connect through the host's connection, I get no box to tell the computer that Proxim's adapter is the one connecting the two computers. As a result when I go to the client computer it does not use the Proxim software to connect to the internet and thus fails to connect. However Proxim's instructions said that no box would appear since I only have two computers. Proxim though never told me how to tell the computer what adapter to use when accesing the Internet from the client computer. Argh! I am so confused.

Per the instructions I chose the dial-up connection that allows me, the host, to connect. This is what I want to share, but my client computer still doesn't want to use it. Several times my client computer could get the modem to try to connect but it never could so I know I am close to having it right but just not there yet.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



I read the guide and I have to tell you that I did everything that is in there. I manually set up my dial-up connection to be used over my wireless connection. When go into my Network Connections window, I see my LAN using my wireless network and above I see a another icon which says "Homebase" and below that "AT&T connection services" with a disconnect below. I right click or double click on the Hombase icon from my client computer to connect. I hear my dial-up modem start to connect but it never makes it. It always fails. Grrrrr!:mad: I am going to reinstall my peer to peer connection again and see if that helps, but I am so frustrated right now and really confused. :confused:

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