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Internet Connection Issue



OK, lemme try and explain this in a way you can understand. First of all, I got XP Pro. Also I got DSL that uses PPP. It is an internal Modem.

1. OK, I login to my account and dial(1,1) into the net.
2. I log off.
3. My brother logs in.
4. He tries to get on the net but cant. It dials 1,1 and all.

We need to restart everytime. It is really annoying. Anyone else have this trouble. Shall I just get a router? Or the router wont work as a modem?



Plz, I need help. It also asks to close or keep the connection open, either way it still messes up and I need to restart.


Hi ...

Im guessing your brothers account is Adminstrator privaliges too...

The router may give you same problem .....


leave it with me and ill play around with a few things here and see what happens ....

its hard for mwe to help you as my ADSL connection runs through a box with win2K server which supplies internet to my XP boxes ...

so im not dialing out usieng XP


The problem that you are describing is a very common one with users of high powered usb devices and one that i have seen quite a lot happening on win XP for no apparent reason. In answer to your question, yes a router would solve this problem. What seems to be happening is that the usb port isnt properly renewing the device drivers used to run the device when windows user is changed (or like i have seen it when you disconnect at all) and so when you try to connect it wont run the device properly thus normally resulting in error 650 (or some such similar type thing meaning that it has timed out) . When you reboot it remakes the device driver file again for the usb modem and it will connect as you said. So, thats what the problem would appear to be, what about a solution i hear you cry?

Well there are a number of things to try, firstly try turning any power management option off for the usb ports.

2nd find out what kind of chipset you are runniung and download the latest drivers for the univesal serial bus controllers (you find this under device manager) and see what happens after upgrading this software.

Have you definetly installled the motherboard drivers and patches that came with the mobo that you are using? easy to forget about such things when installing a new o/s ?

If it is all still failing let me know and i wil scratch my head (and prosterior) a bit more.

Oh and A Very Merry Christmas to All!!! :D :D

Electronic Punk

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I use dial-up and have no problem at all.
Tho I would like to have the problem if it meant getting broadband... ;)
Do you get the same error just by switching users?

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