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intergrated ethernet

I went from using an add-in card to the onboard one. One advantage is there is one less card in your system (looks less cluttered, frees up a PCI slot, and one less thing to collect dust).

Now, you can either sell the old LAN card for $5-10 or hold on to it as a spare. You could even use the PCI card and the integrated one to use your PC as a two port hub. :)

Since the LAN is integrated into the chipset, it might use less CPU resources, but with today's CPU's does it really make a difference? I didn't notice any difference either way.
im gettin a new cpu+mobo+ram next weekend, and i intend to use the onboard nic purely for the fact its one less pci slot in use. we use mobos with integrated nics in work, and they work fine
yep they work just fine in Windows

I havent managed to get FreeBSD on my machine to work with the integrated NICs, I have a weird 3COM (should be supported) and a nVidia NIC (dont think there will be support for this in BSD)
i was happy about the one less PCI slot in use. i was hoping that it would improve some performance, like less CPU cycles. well its one less thing in the IRQ.

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