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Interesting Crash....



Check this out

happens randomly, whenever I leave my computer for an extended amount of time, say sleeping, working, whatever. A fair amount of applications are running at the crash, such as cuteftp pro, winamp, IE pages.

STOP : 0x0000008E (0xC0000005 , 0xBF8FC01C , 0xF044D88 , 0x0000000)

win32k.sys - address BF8FC01C base at BF800000, datestamp 3c745f4d

wtf is win32k.sys associatted with? If I knew, maybe I could uninstall or reintall whatever its associated with.

Ive recently installed the newest sb live drivers, along with winamp 3, which is also giving me wierd errors.

plz help, thanks in advance


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ok try this, start > run > msconfig > general > Selective Start-up > uncheck mark "Load Startup items".

do this and reboot, what this will do is when ur PC boots up, all the appz that usualy boot up wit your OS will not, by elimating that, u can now elimate problems. let your computer run for a while and see if it crashes. if it dont thats a good sign. now once that is complete, load like 2 or 3 of ur main applz that do crash, and leave it idol, by doing this u are probly able to eliminate the problems. now that this is complete load a few more to see if that will crack ur OS. if u find the app that does crack your OS then remove it the install it again and see if that does it, remmeber fully remove, lile revoe the reg entries and what ever folders it created. if what i told you does not work, your win32k.sys might be currupt and might need a new one. i beliveve this runs your 32-bit applacations.


its still happening : I forgot to add some info here,

at the top of the BSOD, its says

"Page fault in non-paged area"

you mentioned that I might need a new win32k.sys? Could I just copy that from the CD, or another working copy of XP?


The Source
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could u show me a screen shot of what it looks like, it will help me a bit more on to fxing your problem.

what version of XP do you currently run??


Use WinXP's error check setting (right-click on the drive, Properties | Tools | Error Check), and re-boot your machine, repeatedly, until the error gets picked up.

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