Intel sued for using the words "Dual Core"


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19 May 2003
DualCor is apparently suing Intel for a million dollars. If they win, I'm going to start a company called "EightCor" and sue the first company that releases one. Or I'll make a breakfast cereal called "44th President" and sue the administration of the next person in the White House.

How can you win a case over an obvious and common name? A win here would open the door for even more stupid litigation.

Oh and it's litigation day on the Inq. $180 Million Payout to 63,000 Iowans for overpriced MS software. That's AFTER paying the lawyers. So if you live in Iowa and have owned a Microsoft piece of software, be sure to cash in for $2,857 paycheck for the $150 you spent. I know each person won't get that much...just love to exaggerate ;) If all the Iowans don't grab their check, the rest goes to the government to buy computers--yeah, sure it'll all go to the kids.
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/me waits for apple to be sued using the ms precedent.
DualCor makes proprietary technology, it said, which improves the processing power, efficiency and portability of computers by using several CPUs working together.

I could see the point of view from this company, and I would do this myself.
This is their specialty, and they are not related to Intel.

SMP has been around for years. I can't see them winnng for saying there are two cpu cores....
/me waits for apple to be sued using the ms precedent.

Ehm, why? These are the payouts BTW:

•$16 for each copy of Microsoft Windows or MS-DOS operating systems.
•$29 for each copy of Microsoft Office.
•$25 for each copy of Microsoft Excel.
•$10 for each copy of Microsoft Word, Works and Home Essential software.

Apple charges:

$129 for Mac OS X
$79 for iWork
$79 for iLife

Now, they certainly don't have a monopoly like that was stated in the complaint/lawsuit and also don't overcharge since they exist as a monopoly.

I could see it happening where people sue Apple over iTunes/iPod, but even that is a far stretch. Apple has always had competitors in those areas, people were WILLING to open up their pockets, not like Microsoft with Windows where once they were hooked and gained a monopoly they started charging boat loads more money. Apple's pricing has been fairly consistent.
Lawsuits like this are a waste of tax payer dollars.

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