Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 vs Intel Core 2 Quad Pro Q6600

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5 Nov 2002
Hi all

So whats do you think will be better to go for out of these two CPUs? The quad core with a slower clock speed (which is currently cheaper) or the new dual core with 1333 fromt side bus?

The cpu will be mainly used for gaming with the odd bit of music/movie converting thrown in (for when I am away on business).

Currently thinking on the Asus stricker extreme motherboard or toying with waiting for the new X38 boards which are out in a couple of months......

I plan on coupling the CPU with a geforce 8800 GTX


E6850 is the better for gaming of the 2.

Personally I'd go for the Q6700 when its available.
thanks for the feedback the only problem is the Q6700 is very expensive
I think you would be nuts not to buy the Q6600 from overclockers at the moment:

Apparently its not an offer price and will be the normal price as of Monday when the newer ones are announced.

Will quite happily overclock to 3.0 and has gone as high as 3.6 on air over on their forums apparently.

I will prob get one but wait a little longer for the G0 stepping and er, some cash.
Its what will be sold as soon as the current Q6600 stock is sold out.
Apparently runs cooler and uses less power.

Check their forums.

As I am waiting for Crysis I have a little time for old stock to go :)
Buying stuff from the US is hell if it ever goes wrong, from the UK anyway :)
thank you, I guess that means they should be availible mid August.
As EP said I don't really want to get it from the US, will just have to keep checking the usual UK retails I buy from mainly Scan and overclockers
been waiting for these price cuts for a while and that q6600 will be mine. Of course will wait for the G0 but I'm pumped...will have a e6600 for sale as soon as that happens.
i have the q6700 kentfield, its extremely fast, especially when rendering movies, i have only one program that uses all four cores, but hardly any applications outside of the media industry use all four cores.

personally for home use i would just stick with the dual cores for now.

and lordofla, the q6700 has been available for 6 months or so now.
Lancer, have you noticed an improvement in performance when encoding?

Using VirtualDub, my system is being taxed a fair bit (doesn't help that I have the priorities set to high and am rendering @ the best quality the DivX codec allows).

Have you noticed improvements there v/s your older procs?

oh **** me.... does that answer your question....? :)

lets put it is this way i also have two other boxes i use for editing, they have the same specs, a pentium 940 d, 2gb ddr2 etc.., my quad core q6700 is twice as fast as both of them combined.

An example, on my 940d machines it may take about 40 minutes to convert a 10 min avi to compress it to a wmv, i'll forgo all the specific specs of the media unless you need it.

But my quad core only takes about 8-10 mins to convert exactly the same media, the avi is originally dv captured about 3gb's compressing to about 120mbs wmv.

40 mins to 10 mins, thats a massive improvement, especially when i am converting about 100 10min 3gb avi's at a time. thats a huge amount of time saved.

I use auto cleaner xl, its the only program i know of that actually fully uses all four cores, man to see them all running at 100% is amazing, over 10ghz of power in all. 2.66ghz each.
Virtualdub, IIRC uses 3 threads and can generate a 4th (or does generate? I dunno) for additional processes.

For me, I have been encoding 1 - 1.5 GB files and it typically will convert into a lovely 40-50 mb DivX file (LOVE THAT) in about 3-5 minutes or less. But its annoying in that it basically locks up my system while working :(

I'll give Auto-cleaner a look. Is it good?
it is, but about $3000 or so, i could let you try it out via pm if you wish... :)

i'm still able to do many other things whilst encoding, like premiere editing, movie watching network transfers, it carries on like i'm not doing anything at all.
No one's forcing you to live in the UK m8 :smoker:

Plus we have fitter birds over here ;)

LOL *looks for one of those million or so joke emails with the fat bird on it for the US :D*
it has to be said, all the girls i see on my movies from the uk are really rough looking, not sure if i had rose tinted glasses, but i could of sworn british girls where better looking, perhaps no longer.
close enough!


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