Intel Confirms End of Hyperthreading

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by pluto, Mar 8, 2006.

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    I think they must be different as Intel and AMD are totally different companies with different goals and aspirations. I imagine just because intel dropped the tech doesn't necessarily mean AMD will. In the meantime though, I just want a the AMD X2 +4800... Battlefield 2 needs dual core...
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    HyperThreading ("HT") was Intel's way of tricking the OS into thinking there were two CPU's or cores. Since dual core CPU's are available now there is no need for HT anymore.

    HT is not related to AMD's Hyper Transport.
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    I was wondering because, I thought they did similar things and that since Intel have pulled out of their HT, then developers would be less inclined in writing code for HT and there would be no applications for HT so AMD would have to pull out as well. If you understand what Im meaning.
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    No, its different.

    HT for Intel is Hyperthreading. It is like having 2 virtual processors (or 4 if its dual-core) but apps have to be coded to take advantage of this. It is prudent to eliminate it since dual-core procs are multi-threading capable already and coding is simpler.

    Eliminates a lot of work.

    HT for AMD is hypertransport. It is like an internal bus mechanism, it has nothing to do with multi-threading.
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    There are different, and I imagine that Intel had gotten the idea for HT from Digital's SMT or simultanious multithreading, which was slated for the EV8 or 21464... The doc doesn't exist anymore at the same links, but in one from Digital, it gave direct comparisons to IA-64, why they did what they did, and how they planned on "beating it". Both Intel and AMD got engineers from the companies breakup, Intel got their fab, and it wouldn't be beyond reason.

    Anyhow, the advantage, if what Intel was doing, is similar to what Digital originally planed (as a responce to Itanium actually), would be in allowing 1 thread to run on more then 1 proc simultaniously...

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    Sure, if you have no clue how to tweak a PC and BF2's settings. Let me know if you need any tips on either.


    EDIT - Son, that went wayyyy over my head, but nice post. ;)
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