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intel 845gbv bios



i have got a p4 2.0a system with a intel 845gbv mob

recently i updated the bios from the intel website and to my suprise the mouse stopped working (connected to ps2)

then i connected the mouse to the usb port and its workin now, but my system has been very sluggish after updatin the bios.

then one my friend suggested me to reinstall win xp, i formatted and reinstall the pc but the mouse doesn't work in ps2 port.

is there any way i can bring back my old mob bios.

please help!!! :(
is the keyboard usb?
the first thing the post looks for is the keyboard. ive had some once the detect a usb keyboard it turns off and doesn't load drivers for PS/2 ports. personally i think usb is the better way to go than PS/2. Intel tried to loose them a while back but everyone got upset and they returned but shut off if not needed. usb hid driver is better anyway you can plug and unplug as many keyboards and mice as you want and they will all work at same time. and you can yank them all together all while running and the driver keeps OS happy......... and one cable and a hub you can extend them a ways away.......:D

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