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Intel 810e and SDRAM

One of my PC has an Intel 810e chipset and at the moment I've had 512 Mbs of RAM on it.I'm planning of putting it up to either 768 MB or 1024 Mb.I know that upon checking the Intel website it will tell you such motherboard could only go up to 512.If I put those 'sticks' on it., will it be recognised as 768 MB/1024 Mb or still 512 Mb or it won't start at all.....has anyone ever tried it ? Oh yes, by the way, its running on a 1.1 Ghz Celeron.Thanks.
QDI say my mobo takes a max celeron @ 366mhz (when I bought the mobo, i ran a 433 celeron with qdi slocket in it no problems at all). QDI also says my mobo takes a max pentium II @ 550mhz... I'm currently running a pentium III @ 750mhz and the multiplier goes to 800, so in theory, I could run an 800mhz p3 in it (if they made 800mhz slot 1 cpus).

also, im apparantly tied to a max of 384mb ram (currently using 512mb).

so perhaps it might be worth borrowing some memory off someone to test it, or buying it and trying it... if it doesnt work, take it back explaining your mobo wont take any more memory and you didnt know until you tried it.

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