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Intel 740 AGP Driver


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Tried as much as I could, can't seem to find a right driver for this card in my system.

I have tried using Intel's original drivers, and drivers found on www.driverguide.com but nothing could make it work.

After re-formatting the system, the first thing I did was to install the driver. Each time I do that and click on the re-start, the system would restart only to hang whenever the first screen appears upon windows loading up on the desktop screen.

FYI .. I'm using Win98 / WinMe. Please let me know if you have the right driver for it. Thanks.


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I have an I740 driver, but not sure where I got it. It is a zip file called "pv40_9x.zip" and an accompianing "pv40v_9x.zip. The readme starts with:

* "Intel740(tm) Graphics Accelerator *
* Windows* 98 And Windows* 95 *
* Software Driver Release PV4.0 *
* June 14, 1999 *

I can make them available if you think they'll help.

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