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Instant Help PLEASE!!!



I am having problems with my motherboard, Asus A7V-266E. I'm getting ready to install XP, but I need to know some things first.

Since my hard drives are connected to the Onboard RAID, do I need the drivers on a floppy? I know, when I had the A7V-133a, I had to have the Promise drivers on a floppy, in order to install XP. Reason I ask, is I'm missing the floppy disk. I went to Asus's website, to download the ATA100 drivers they have, but the drivers won't download. Does anyone know where to get the drivers that I need, so I can install XP? Also, where can I get the newest BIOS, since I can't download anything from Asus?
check in the windows catalogue and look under motherboards and check if your board is there, also check under RAID to see if your onbopard RAID controller is supported, I have the HPT 370 onboard with Abit KT7 RAID, though I dont use the RAID function, it is likely that you may have to rebuild your RAID array though


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I just booted up my new pc and BAD NEWS!!

When the hard drives (Maxtors) are connected to the onboard ATA controllers, they are not detected. If I unplug my 2nd hard drive from the 2nd ATA controller, the primary hard drive IS detected. Could this be a result of a bad motherboard? Also, when it DID detect the primary hard drive, I went to format it (using the utility diskette), and it says that the hard drive is only 8.4 GB. The thing is, the hard drive is suppose to be 60 GB. What is causing these problems?
What Bios version do you have right now, the nrew one is 1007, there are also some Promise Drivers v2.00 build 18.
You can get these from theAsus download site
or the BIOS section of the european site, which tells you what you have to do to update the BIOS and also give you links to where you can download them. BIOS update instructions

Hope these help


I already flashed the bios to the 1007 version. The ATA drivers are going to do me no good since my hard drived are not being detected during post.

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