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Installing USB ports


Must be dreaming...
I just brought a new case with a front panel for 2 USB ports. I thought it would be easy to install, but I was wrong. There are like tons of cables!! There are four cables... 2 going into a big 10-holed plug (with the labels "+" and "GND"), and 2 spliting up into and total of 6 plugs labelled "USB1", "USB2", "USB3", "USB4", and 2 "V" plugs. I have really no idea which ones to plug into my motherboard. Some assistence please?

Thanks alot.

P.S. There's a quick diagram I knocked up showing all the plugs. Sorry for the crudeness of it.
looks like greek, but anyway, look in your mobo manuel and it should show you where the ad on ports are for extra USB connections. well once you find them connect the other ports to those.


Must be dreaming...
I know where the port on the motherboard for the USB is... the only thing is that I don't know which cables to plug in! All the plugs on the cables are on the left while the add-on port on the motherboard is on the right (on the diagram).

I'm confused myself! :huh:

Ok, USB wiring is not that bad if you really look at it. First, a USB port has 4 connections:
Vcc (power)
Data+ (signal wire1)
Data- (signal wire2)
GBD (Ground - usually tied to the shielding as well)

So, each USB port needs 4 wires/connections. Therefore, 4 ports will require 16 connections.

Your "DATA0-" and "DATA0+" are the two signal wires for one port.
The "DATA1-" and "DATA1+" are the two signal wires for the other port.

So, your mobo header is arranged like this:
pins 1,3,5,7 go to one USB port
pins 2,4,6,8 go to the other USB port.

This means your mobo only supports 2 extra USB ports, unless you have another one of those headers on your mobo. So two of the ports on that add-on until will not work. Do not worry about the "key" or "Over Current" connections unless the ports you have has inputs for it.

The two wires you really do not want to mess up are Vcc and GND because you will probably damage the device you are hooking to. Switching the Data -/+ wires around probably won't damage anything, but the device probably won't work.

The lower left diagram looks like the header that goes to your actual ports right? Well, there's not enough info there for me to help. There are enough "holes" for 4 USB ports (16), but the labeling makes no sense: There are only 2 Vcc connections (should be 4) and the data/GND connections aren't even labeled (except for that top left diagram which I don't understand at all).

Maybe you could attach a pic as well? What is the manufacturer/model of the add-on port? Maybe they have better support manuals at their site.

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