Installing old CPU in new Mobo



I'm getting a new mobo (a7v8x_x) to replace my old Soyo Kt333 Dragon Ultra Plat. Can I insert my old CPU (AMD Athlon XP 2100+ 1.73GHz ) with the heat sink and fan already attached, or do I have to remove the heat sink and fan before I can insert the old into the new mobo. If I do have to remove the heatsink; how do I remove it. I used the sticky pad that came with the retail version of my CPU+fan and heatsink.
Nope--the HSF attaches to the square area around the cpu...the best way to take it off is with a screwdriver. Poke it into the one slot on the heatsink that looks like it would accomodate a flat tip screwdriver, then push down and pull the metal clip off the part it's hooked to. The clip is from the mobo and ready to remove.


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went from a kt333 to a kt400? hmm... not really worth it, if you ask me... but if the money's burning a whole in your pocket...

once you remove the heatink and cpu (seperately, mind you), you will need to clean the surfaces of both to get the old thermal pad gunk off of them. once they're clean, you'll need to apply some fresh themal compound (ie. arctic silver 3) to make sure they have a good thermal interface.
Umm Buddy, how do I say this....

Those stciky pads make upgrading a living hell. You will need to completely remove the residue from the old CPU (for resale value), and from the heatsink. Use isopropal alcohol and a Q-tip. For stubborn lumps use a tooth pick. Avoid metal tools. Even if then don't scrath the heatsink or chip the cpu they can leave a metal streak that is electrically conductive.

Apply a thin coating of a good (arctic silver, etc) thermal paste to the IC surface of the new chip making sure to not slop it all over the substrate below as it can short the metal traces on top of the substrate.

I think the AMD web site has a really good video on changing cpu/heatsinks or maybe it was thermaltake. Old age is a pain, but I forget why...