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Installing new version of Symantec/NAV

I'm running SystemWorks 2003 and will be installing a new version of SystemWorks 2004. I've found before when I went to install Systemworks 2003 and I had "thought" I had my NAV 2002 uninstalled/deleted everywhere I couldn't install SW2k3 as it ran into error due to leftover symantec I could never find. So I basicly had to do a fresh install of the OS and then installed SystemWorks without any problems. Is this typical do have to do this. I was wondering what some of you guys have had to do running NAV or Symantec products and have upgraded.


This from a previous answer I provided:

Please be advised, all traces of any "old" Norton product that is installed has to be removed completely before you can install/reinstll a new product. Failure to do so can cause all kinds of problems with the installation and subsequent operation.

If you have NSW 2003 installed Look here

Also for the removal of NAV 2003 look Here

Now I thought I had read somewhere and Enyo may be able to verify this - but it seems like someone said you can install NAV 2004 over the exsisting 2003! I am just not sure!


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I always use a registry cleaning utility to remove leftover traces of Symantec's software, because it never comes off clean (even if you uninstall it properly). Of course, damnyank's links will help too. ;)
We'll the link basicly says to go to the add/remove software program in the control panel which I've always used. Then there are leftovers in windows explorer folder under symantec or Norton. After deleting from there I've then gone to Search>_:\ drive and there I can almost guarantee finding .exe files in _:\WINDOWS\Prefetch. And then I've run RegCleaner or jv16 for leftovers in the registry. Then I've done a manual search in the registry. Still after all this I've had problems deleting all of Symantec/Norton crap.. I must be missing something.. Oh well its going to be awhile before I get SW2k4. My antivirus definitions are good until next August..


Can you list the errors you got?

I had a few errors with it when restoring a backup last month, with some of the strangest errors. DJS Shared Licensing and Norton Antiviurs Label to name 2. The worst was to do with the common control client. I did find fixes. The common client issue I got rid off was after uninstalling person fire wall and works I did a clean till nothing I could see pointed to symantec or norton files, a reboot another clean out and installed versions 2001 of the respective products. I am back to 2003 of the products with no apparent problems.

Please list the errors you get and maybe we could collectively find a link.
" In some cases, if SYMClean does not resolve the problem, then using both SYMClean and the Norton AntiVirus removal program may. "

It looks like using both these programs should take care of the program. I don't remember the error messages Leevoy since its been several reformats and one computer ago. I do remember the glitch and it happened more then once. So I'm planning ahead for the next version of SW2k4. Thanks for the links damnyank. I'm ready to tackle this thing head on and hopefully I can avoid having to reformat with the above programs.


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It's surprising that you are still having problems after doing all that. I do what you've done and that takes care of it for me. Hmm... :confused:


Napalmnthemorni - I gave ya all I have - I hope it all works out for ya - it has to be a real bummer to have to reformat to get rid of all that Norton stuff!

I guess I have been lucky - I have had good success with add/remove program, symclean and RNav on mine and both of my daughters computers!

Good luck!
Hey I appreciate it. You guys are great and I'll be ready next time.

Quck question. If a program such as SystemWorks2k3 or NAV and it has its own uninstaller located in its directory, do you use the unistaller it provides or go to the add/remove programs first. Does it maked a difference.

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