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installed sp2 but cant c usb drive??!?!?!


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I just heard from friend say need to format do i go to control panel then disk managment then format the drive , but format at 7% then crash so i reboot the comp, now it said "malfunctioned, and windows does not regonsize it." so how can i fix it?

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You formatted the wrong way. It surprising that windows let you get that far.

Set the bios to boot the cd rom first. (already dhould be set that way) Then insert the XP cd & boot up. Follow the screens. If you want to try & salvage what's in the drive use the repair option. If you want to start fresh, delete the partition then reload XP.

If you can, get a hold of a freinds computer & create a slipstreamed XP SP2 CD to do it all in one go.

Scrap all that.

Forgot you were dealing with an external drive. Try booting with XP cd inserted & see if you can see the new drive there. If so format it there. Just follow the screens.

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